The Ultimate Ninja (TMNT 2003 Cartoon)

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by eastWOLFstyle, May 31, 2015.

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    I don't post here a lot but here's my new cosplay I'm working on. The Ultimate Ninja is from the 2003 TMNT cartoon series and while he's not a major villain I think his design looks cool. I'm doing this as a speed build in time for Special Edition: NYC in a few days.

    Here's his design in the show (not too many good reference pictures are online):

    3971144658_47a9eff111.jpg ThePrince.jpg TMNT_Ultimate_Ninja_b.jpg

    I brought the red wig, the swords, sheath, tabi ninja shoes, and a blue karate gi as the base of his outfit.

    I brought an airsoft mask to convert into an evil demon mask. I made the horns out of air dry clay and then used epoxy hardener (which is very annoying to sand smooth), I glued the horns and then painted the mask.

    20150526_133008.jpg 20150529_105414.jpg 20150529_110403.jpg 20150531_152211.jpg

    I then started on the arm gauntlets and yes they are made out of duct tape. I used the same useful method when making my Winter Solider arm last year that made it flexible and easy to put on. I used 6 layers of PVA glue and now I'm starting to harden it using a mixture of Durham's rock hard water putty and PVA glue.

    20150529_112426.jpg 20150531_032545.jpg 20150531_163123.jpg

    That's all I have now but I'm about to start working on the cape. Not sure what that style is called but I guess I'll wing it.
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    Stellar work! You've captured the essence very well. Thanks for posting!!
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    Innovative method of making the Oni mask. same with the arm guards. Very interesting.

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