The Ultimate Luke ANH Graflex Research & Discussion Thread


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Welcome to the official discussion thread of the original ANH Graflex Luke hero lightsaber! Seeing as how the Elstree thread has become quite lengthy and is only somewhat related to the real hero, it seemed fitting to found a designated location for discussion and prop talk regarding the lightsaber "your father wanted you to have when you were old enough."

As I’m sure many of you can relate, I fell in love with this prop from the first moment I saw it on screen when my parents first introduced me to Star Wars as a young boy, and I have had a fascination with it ever since. With that said, I have recently been cleared to share the following two reference photos of the original hilt which show the base of the ANH Graflex and the opposite side of the hilt from the one published in the Chronicles reference book. This will coincide with an impending announcement from Roy, but I will let him explain that part. I am also sharing several of my best reference photos of the hilt. Please feel free to post any photos you would like to share of the original prop as well, and let the discussion commence!

Current known details:
  • Shiny Folmer 3 cell Graflex with Folmer glass eye and non-stepped brass pocket pins
  • Red button with full-length knurling and a machined beer tab
  • RAF military stamped clamp bar with slightly protruding lever pin and absent square lever washer
  • Raised, shiny clamp lever with a larger than standard rivet head
  • TI Exactra 19 or 20 calculator bubble strip with possibly planed down shoulders that are gripped by the clamp rails
  • Seven unevenly spaced T-track grips with slightly irregular lengths and varying angled ends
  • Four sets of rivets installed at the base of the flash handle positioned between the grips with one set partially covered under one grip
  • A dual rivet D-ring clip situated to one side of the flash bottom and positioned roughly in-line and across from the clamp
Reference photo showing one set of handle rivets:

01 ANH Graflex - opposite side.png

Chronicles photo showing RAF military stamped clamp bar:

02 ANH Graflex - Chronicles photo.png

03 ANH Graflex - bottom.png

Original photo shared by Chris (lonepigeon) showing four handle rivets:

04 ANH Graflex - Handel rivets (RPF lonepigeon).jpg

Originally shared by Cody1138 showing the two partially covered handle rivets:

05 ANH Graflex - Promo photo Mark Hamill cropped handle rivets (1) (RPF Cody1138).jpg

Reference photo showing the RAF military stamping:

06 ANH Graflex - Promo photo cropped Mark Hamill RAF stamping (1).png

The following three were originally shared by Davy Jones:

07 ANH Graflex - Promo photo Mark Hamill cropped Folmer glass eye (RPF Davy Jones).png

08 ANH Graflex - Promo photo Mark Hamill cropped (RPF Davy Jones).jpg

09 ANH Graflex - Promo photo Mark Hamill cropped bubble strip Folmer glass eye (RPF Davy Jones).png

My restoration of the toe pic photo:

10 Promo Photo - Mark Hamill ANH Graflex lightsaber toe pic SW B&W (RPF THX1138).png

My recoloration of the original photo:

11 Promo Photo - Mark Hamill award ceremony costume ANH Graflex lightsaber Carrie Fisher (by T...jpg

12 Promo Photo - Mark Hamill award ceremony costume ANH Graflex lightsaber Vostok Margolin .22...jpg
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Thanks for making this, Nate! To me, it looks like the rivets holding in the d ring clip are slightly larger than the 3mm ones.
Comparing them to the 3mm handle rivets directly in the Image below, they look about the same size wouldn't you say?
Great new thread Nate! And congratulations on the permission to share this wonderful new image of the famous promo photo shoot.
And that image of the double rivet D-ring!! It's the first time I'm seeing that one. That is the best proof for the double rivet D-ring possible!
The rivet size on that picture is a bit hard to see, but I believe the 3mm rivet size looks about right.
Nate I couldn't agree more about the original Graflex lightsaber capturing the magic of Star Wars and props.
It will always be the 1st saber I saw ignited on the big screen all those years ago.
Great idea for a thread that I'm sure me and many more will spend hours pouring over.
Thanks for sharing the new pics
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Maybe an obvious one, but the bulb contact pin is of the clean brass type. Can be seen clearly when Luke messes with the lightsaber in Obi's house. On many of the folmer tops I've seen it is either blackened with time or is silvered.
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The bottom can is really scuffed up for glue adhesion. I can see it in the blue **** brown pant photo above. The shot with the missing grip on screen (after the stormtroopers had attacked the jawas) also has a more brown colored bottom can.

The Toe pic... I swear I can see the corner of the bubble strip poking out from underneath the rails on the back left side, leading me to agree that either they are Elstree-Beveled or MPP-Milled

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