The Ultimate Doctor Who Marathon Video


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This was quite an undertaking but a lot of fun to enjoy the entire 5 decades of Doctor Who throughout 2014 with my friends. An Unearthly Child to Last Christmas plus a gaggle of extras and add-ons and spinoffs. Ah to relive the ups, suffer through the downs, reevaluate some unsung stories and overrated tales... It was enlightening to watch them all together. So! At long last, here's the videos for the epic event with every rating! 740 episodes, 51 years, and 45 people, all ranked and rated so we could see which Doctors and stories rated the highest (and lowest). You'll agree or disagree I'm sure... and many a nerd argument raged but we all had a blast. Hope you enjoy!

Part 1 (Classic Who)-

Part 2 (New Who)-

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