Limited Run The Ultimate District 9 Arc Generator (Now with PAINTED FINAL PRODUCT SHOT!)


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Hey all!

After 5 years abroad building props for movies, I am home and looking to make some cool stuff!

I will be doing an extremely limited run of District 9 Arc Generators. They will be full hero film quality: 900 mm long (movie scale), SLA printed for maximum detail, and the casts themselves will come from a matrix mold, and feature a brushed-skin coat (Smooth-On), fibre reinforcement with West Systems epoxy, and a semi-rigid final inner coat (Smooth-On). They will require minimal cleanup, and will be movie-quality durable. High-quality paint jobs will be available.

RAW CAST- $1050 CAD (Smooth-On prices + takes longer than expected with the set times of the products I'm usin getting clean and strong casts though!!)
Wall or Desktop Display Stand looks like rusted metal/rubble/prawn tech - $235 CAD (est)

The MASTER is done and I am building the matrix mold now. Delivery est. Mar-Apr 2022

More pictures to come! :D I'm excited to paint one of these beauties!]

Insta- Unorthodoxdesign


First casts are a success! First order nearly painted, More units coming soon. Have I fulfill existing orders but pre-reserve a spot now as I won't be doing a lot of these! It may be the last tie you'll get one this accurate for a while...

Added pictures of the raw cast for those ordering unpainted. I've worked out most of the kinks in the gelcoat so you should get very little in the way of surface issues , no soft spots, just the mold line and some minimal flash (just cleaned with my fingers for those pics).

This is the main reason for the larger price tag on the casts.. it's big.. and I'm laying down 4x brush on layers per side plus a rotocast seam.


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Just bought a buttload of supplies today. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!! :D ... I'll be offering custom paint jobs, as well as well as wall or tabletop mounts.. Going to make it all rusty metal and prawn techy bits.. Gnarled (fake) rebar mounting pegsr


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MEERYY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! So I just spent a buttload of money on supplies! Ended up securing a bunch of carbon fiber offcuts from a friend so these babies will be STRONG! and fancy! lol. Final cleanup of the master happens today, Clay-up and jacket glassing start tomorrow :) More to follow!



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ppphheeewwww Side glassed.

The white areas are desiccated silica-impregnated resin, not air bubbles heheh

It's a biiig mold lol.. over a meter. going to put a post on both sides so I can put it on a rotation stand for final rotocasting of seam.


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yeah, going to use monostrand carbon to reinforce the neck of the barrel, everything else is essentially a big cavity. the rotomold bottom layer should do the trick to keep it nice and strong :D
worse case... rigid foam backfill :D

Also a bunch of add-on greebles, hoses, tanks (both top ones), and heat sinks!

Rex Talon

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I've been looking at it, trying to figure out how to wedge a Tesla coil inside it, so that it would actually shoot sparks, but I don't think it's possible, even if it were super thin shelled.


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Main part of jacket side 2 is glassed! Going to have a removable panel over the barrel so i can more easily flex out the undercuts on the tips (offsetting mold line so that it avoids the detail on the tips)

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