The ugly Pulse Rifle: "Stunt" style inspired varient


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For my latest pulse, I wanted a light weight 'stunt' for use at long cons and/or for my wife to be able to use. While not a true 'stunt' (for many reasons), I did succeed it making it pretty light and I decided to roll with the "stunt" look.

The guts are the 'leftover' HCG parts that weren't used in my 'hero-ish' build. They are pretty nicely cast resin bits with many moving parts. Much of it is hollow too so weight is way down vs. a static resin one.

For the shrouds I went with a heavily modified airsoft shroud. They are so thin and light. Plus the mag base can be attached without a mag in place. I saved a lot of weight and have tons of room for sound upgrades leaving the magazine out of the build entirely.

Of course I would have to fix a few things to accurize them a bit.



Now, why did I keep referencing "the stunt look"?
Few have probably noticed,and even fewer chose to acknowledge it as it is so ugly:lol, but....

Anyone ever notice how a LOT of the Pulse rifles seen in Aliens have the barrel vent way too far forward and overhanging the grenade launcher and leaving the barrel exposed behind the vent?

Forward Hero.jpg

Oddly enough, that is not a 'one off' that accidentally made it into the rotation. It looks like they chose that one to cast and mold all the "Rubber Stunts"! That forward vent look is everywhere!

While it is far from 'idealized' and is a bit weird, I think it has its own unique charm and I think it has 'character'. So I used it!

I just slapped the HCG static counter in it and here it is in all its imperfect 'stunt look' glory!


The vent is just held in with 2 screws, so it isn't "permanent" but for now I like it. What do you think? Too ugly for its own good? A fun chang-up? Other?