The Tumbler Begins

Robbie TPC

Well-Known Member
New year new project, a 1/6 Studio Scale Tumbler used in Batman Begins.
A few screencaps of the model used in the movie,



The chassis of my Tumbler so far,


I’m gonna use aluminum to build this model, it wil be equipped with RC stuff and probably an combustion engine. And it will be more accurate than the original 1/6 scale Tumbler.

Let the fun begin :thumbsup

Monster Dave

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They used an RC model??? I thought I had heard that all the stunt work was actually done by full scale Tumber....though, now that I say that, I'd love to have seen at when the Tumbler was ripping across rooftops!! LOL.

Cool project!


Sr Member
Enviable building skills! Watching this thread. And wow, I never knew it was an RC that they drove across the rooftops either. I have to watch that scene again. Great model builders.

Robbie TPC

Well-Known Member
The 1/6 scale Tumbler was used in this shot of the movie, very difficult to see the model but it should be here


This is the beast New Deal made for The Dark Knight,



Sr Member
Thanks for the video link - that was unbelievably realistic! :) Robbie TPC looking forward to seeing your build progress. Great subject! I love scale RCs - it's like a combination of art and technology -- form and function!


Sr Member
Very cool!

I thought I had read that the studio ones were 1:5 or something odd. Dunno if I read or dreamt it though. Yes, I dream about Batman. :lol
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