The TI 1937 Helmet by Jarvis ( picture heavy )

Jarvis B

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Here's the TI 1937 Tie Pilot Helmet project in pictures,
I cast the back section of my existing Tie Helmet fiber glassed and rough trimmed it and added a vac form TK faceplate , After cutting and reshaping the seam around the face the ear caps plates were cut off replaced and re detailed .
I spent a good amount of time filling and sanding the Mohawk along with cutting the eye's and frown out to sharpen the edges and then re backing them for molding .
Sprayed with several coats of filler primer and sanded smooth it was finally painted Black with automotive lacquer, It needs to sit for about a week to let the paint fully cure and then gets it's final polish.
There's a couple indoor outdoor pictures at the end .


Combat Baby

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Sorry to bump this. But can anyone who personally owns one of these post pictures. Been talking with Jarvis and I'd love to see some costumed photos