The Thing MaCready painting with dog?


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Does anyone remember seeing a post (few years ago now likely) in a Thing/Mcready thread with a painting of Macready and his dog? As I recall, it was a stylized portrait with Macready sitting in a chair in a fancy study (think Masterpiece Theater), in front of a fireplace (could be wrong, I'm old) with one of the Huskies laying at his feet. I can't think of the medium although maybe oil, or even if it was a one-off or available in prints, but it was very well done. I also think the artist had done other stylized paintings of iconic characters from movies, but I could be off on that one too. Google-fu and the RPF search engine has not gotten me anywhere, maybe somebody remembers this or can source the artist? Thanks in advance!

It certainly has style.. :eek:

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