The Thing Comic style EVA foam *updated test video page 2*


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Hey all just starting to build a Ben Grimm aka the The thing in eva foam!
Comments and Crits are always welcome!!




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Re: The Thing EVA foam

You, sir, have some real talent. That looks amazing! Did you use a soldering iron for all those detail?
Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

it was a wood burning tool,but it was built like a puzzle tons of pieces glued together:)
Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

Dude, That is an amazing job! I was just thinking last night I hadn't seen a good "Thing" suit, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on here. Well done and I look forward to seeing the rest of it!
Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

looking good bro:thumbsup, been contemplating about doing that or Hulk for some time now, i will be subscribing to this for updates and to see if i can borrow some ideas ( if you wont mind:)) if ever i do decide to start one. how'd you plan to tackle the body/chest area? i was thinking of building something like hockey armor and start laying the "rock" over it. this build will probably be as awesome as your iron monger.
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Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

Awesome foam work!! Ordering a wood burning tool and subscribed:thumbsup
Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

Love it!!! Can't wait to see more! Much better than the rubber costume from the movies....and that brow!!!!! PURE THING!!!!!

Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

that is really amazing!! you all inspire me to keep going and trying new things!! cant wait to see how it ends up
Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

Most impressive,sir! My conern for you would be the heat that can build up rapidly with this on your head, let alone an entire suit made of foam. Will the mouth be articulated in some fashion to let fresh air in and the warmed air from your body temperature out as you breath? I ask because I've experienced some major discomfort (Suffering for the art, as it were.) as I had worn helmets or enclosed masks like this and the heat increased with every breath without any ventilation.
Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

Looks great so far. I think the 1 thing I would change is the brow. I would have it taper a tad more as it goes back.
Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam

SO I made a few changes I added some eye depth, extended the jaw added teeth. Also I painted some old Mr. Potato head eyes to help bring this build to life,and then sprayed Krylon sand texture to make the face a little more rock like:)







Re: The Thing Comic style EVA foam *updated nov 5*

cant beleive I missed this thread,,,,i love the Thing and yours is commin out great.
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