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Great work! How did you position your snap switch?
It was definitely tough to fit everything inside the control box. I have the switch at the very end. Because it's so close to the edge of the box, I can only really actuate it with a small flat head screwdriver or a blade. The flapper of the switch sits pretty flush to the wall so I need something thing to slide in there. It works though.


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aha! I recognize those components. Here I was trying to use ones closer to 80s size... I see your green LED is under the switch. that makes a lot of sense, I've had trouble squishing both of those together near the front.


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aha! I recognize those components. Here I was trying to use ones closer to 80s size... I see your green LED is under the switch. that makes a lot of sense, I've had trouble squishing both of those together near the front.
Yeah, it was a tough fit overall. I originally had ordered a larger momentary switch but I had a real tough time getting it all to fit within the box and under the circuit board. Even with my watch battery holder, I had to grind down some of the parts of plastic on it to get it to fit. It all works though, so I am happy.


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I'm going to upgrade my grenade with a Roman's, so I thought I'd document the original state of my Obi-Wan before the changes. It's mostly close-enough parts, or parts that were as accurate as they came when I built it around 18 years ago, but we know how that goes! Real-but-not-vintage-accurate AS handwheel, booster from someone's run way back when (probably before we even knew it was a booster), yodashouse bubble strip, Real-but-not-vintage-accurate transistors, washers from someone's run way back when, likewise the flame tube (again, probably before that was identified, either).

But hey, real Graflex clamp! :lol:

The grenade and stem is aluminum, from the very first run by Parks, back when you could get individual parts from him. I had actually been dealing with someone else (Steve was the name, I think?) who it turned out had either been working on the project for Parks, or subsequently turned it over to him, not sure. I think he passed away. Anyway, delivery was ultimately from Parks. I weathered it with aluminum black. It had cuts that went through the first ring, which I filled with JB weld. Those areas of course reacted to the weathering differently, but that's okay. I painted the stem and wheel. Some of it's flaked off over time.

I'm actually okay with the grenade portion but the stem and windvane have always bothered me. I was looking into replacing just those parts, but I have no idea if the size/threading is going to match, and someone was looking for an old grenade anyway, so I'm doing the entire assembly.

And yes, I could update more parts, but that would be everything but the clamp, and it wouldn't be my old build anymore. This was my grandfather's axe....


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Following up on my post #306, I got the latest weathered grenade offering from Roman, and traded my old emitter (which would only fit my old Parks grenade) for an older Roman's one (supposedly a tiny bit too big or something? Works for me.)

I made the stupid rookie mistake of getting super glue on the bubble strip and now it's crazed. Who makes those now?


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