The Terminator Vukovich & Traxler LAPD badges, need help


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hello everybody,

so ive spent days on the internet searching for Lance Henriksen & Paul Winfield's (Sgt. E.L. Vukovich & Lt. F.C. Traxler) LAPD ID Badges from The Terminator. so as to no avail i figured i might as well ask some friends of the trade that no the nook and crannys of the prop makeing trade! As to where in the hell i can find these images :confused? or even if just screengrabs would be easier? but if i remember correctly you never really see a great up close shot for grab so im now thinking that may be out of the question

i finally found them on ebay but i refuse to buy something that i can do myself (unless of course im feeling extra lazy that day then id buy it! )

so any help would be greatley appreciated !!!

ps just want to throw out an AWESOME job to everyone on this site! you guys all have great talents and keep up the hard work!


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Speaking of "seller" some years ago I was commissioned by a curious set of card Traxler and Vukovich, on receiving big disappointment, the card are credit card size ?? while the original at all, and not talking insignia in very low resolution, like the back not accurate at all!

Brief really nothing to brag about the work of the "seller" far too overpriced here.



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Here's some Sarah Connor ids i made up and other ids from T1 and some other ids from T2 not 100% screen accurate but great for display


  • sarah dl.JPG
    sarah dl.JPG
    98.7 KB · Views: 39
  • sarah med card.JPG
    sarah med card.JPG
    49 KB · Views: 35
  • sarah ss card.JPG
    sarah ss card.JPG
    113.7 KB · Views: 35
  • sarah pp.JPG
    sarah pp.JPG
    130.7 KB · Views: 59
  • traxler police id.JPG
    traxler police id.JPG
    38.3 KB · Views: 43
  • voukovich police id.JPG
    voukovich police id.JPG
    57.9 KB · Views: 86
  • silberman police id.JPG
    silberman police id.JPG
    41.2 KB · Views: 39
  • dyson id.JPG
    dyson id.JPG
    57.2 KB · Views: 41
  • lewis id.JPG
    lewis id.JPG
    26.5 KB · Views: 43
  • silberman id.JPG
    silberman id.JPG
    28.7 KB · Views: 34
  • douglas id.JPG
    douglas id.JPG
    30.4 KB · Views: 39

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