The Star Wars toy packaging scandal

James Kenobi 1138

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I read about this on Rebelscum a year or two ago. The cards, bubbles and figures are all real and legit, just assembled recently.

Someone found a horde of card backs printed in the 80s unused and made MOC figures. People paid thousands for those figures.

scarf man

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Our old pal Jason Joiner was the one who broke the scandal. Don't even get me started on how badly the AFA handled this mess.


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i just watched the fake Britain video. its sad that there are fakers out there, but thanks to videos like that, buyers can now be on the look out of key visual marks


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Without seeing the ebay listings I would have to say that if it is not fraud it is pretty close. At least now people know what to look for until the person making these figures out how to fake the machine marks on the back.

It reminds me of a convention I went to in the 90's. Someone had some Lt. Yar figures from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This was after she had been killed off. They were selling "official" figures where they had obviously opened the package and painted most of the inside black so you could just see her head.

Wes R

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The companies who grade toys and items like that are frauds anyhow, they don't' give a crap as long as they get their money. And why would someone even want to get their items sealed in a block of plastic? I don't care how rare the item is if it's in that crap I'm not going for it. These people remind me of the company who was at comicons in the 90s that would enter your autographed comics into a database for 5.00 each. So at one con if you did well you could end up spending a few hundred just for them to authenticate something that wouldn't really be useful.


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This has been going on for over 20 years... for a short time, folks were open about re-packs. They looked decent enough and hit the right nostalgia and cost mix. Tech got better, folks got quieter, started passing off whatever they could as whatever the buyer seemed ignorant enough to go for.
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