The Star Wars diorama -on hold


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So, I have a Stormtrooper (action figure).
This version, I don't know its scale. The one in the pic' ain't mine, that one been painted. If anyone happens to know the scale by heart you save me a google run. ;-)

He looks a bit out of place where ever I put him for display, So now I had the idea to make him a diorama.

I just got separated so I do not have much to spare for a epic PROJECT.
But Internet have shown me that sometimes less is more.

I have lots of glue, cardboard, My stormtroopers and some acrylic paint.
Being a Interior decorator by education, and having some experience from model war gaming. I think I can probably do a decent job as long as I don't rush it. (Also I've messed about in pepakura/papercraft.)
Anny experienced well meant tip and word is welcome dough.

I haven't decided on the scene yet. But I'm thinking something something Deathstar, or other in-movie-indoor-interior-scene.

*Project on hold.*
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Re: The Star Wars diorama

If your talking about the hasbro figure, it is 1/18 scale.

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Re: The Star Wars diorama

Awesome, go for it!
When budget is a problem for me (all the time) I.ll turn to card or papier mache.

With the rougher materials you could get a good looking mos eisley scene with bored ST leaning against a clay building.

As for scale: just measure the models height in inches and divide that figure by 72.
If the result is 24, you got a 1/24th stormtrooper.

Good luck and post pics when you get going. :)


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