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I have just finished reading one of my all time favorite books, The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison, and I really wish that someone would take what is in the book, and turn it into a feature film, along the lines of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic which became a hit movie, as opposed to the lacklustre Battlefield Earth movie which really wanted to work, but failed on so many levels.

Comments please


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I've heard propsals for a movie since the 1980's. With films like GotG out the time does seem ripe for Slippery Jim DiGriz to finally appear onscreen.
The GotG universe actually does seem a lot like the way I imagined the SSR's universe when I read the series in high school. Good call.


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Yep, I've always wanted to see the SSR adapted for the big screen. The first three novels are great fun , but after that the quality of the writing sadly diminished. Harry Harrison was a great comic SF writer and "Planet Story" still remains one of my all time favorites. I'd love to seee that as a film using Jim Burns art, but its most definitely an " R" rating though!!!! Strangely enough "Mr and Mrs Smith" always kind of reminded me of SSR and I felt "Avatar" was a bit of a rip off of "Deathworld".

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It for sure would have to be R rated but you know that won't happen and they'd mangle it into a crappy retelling that's hip to get teens into the seats. I'd really like to see Bill The Galactic Hero turned into movies or something but again it'd be butchered to death.


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I'm not sure if Bill the Galactic Hero would translate as well. Some of the gags (e.g. the left arm transplant might not look as funny as it reads.

What I'd really like to see is Pohl's Gateway.


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i have all of the books been reading them since i was a teenager,i still re read them now and i'm almost 44.Would be a good film if it's done right


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I actually had The Stainless Steel Rat book when I was around 12, and could not get into it, but then then the 2000Ad comics came out from Pommie Land(England to those who do not know) and I started reading their version of Jim's adventures, which opened my eyes, and I have loved the book ever since.:)


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SSR was the very first Sci Fi book I ever read. Now I have them all. I think this would make excellent subject mater for a movie, but they would have to include his murderous partner.
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