The Spectacular Spiderman Animated Series


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I got these for my son who's really into Spider-man lately and I am impressed. Each episode seems to be very well done so far. The wrting seems great and the action sequences are very well thought out and quick paced. Spidey is VERY animated..lots of quick uses of webs, jumps, etc etc.

What I really enjoyed was the episode with Dr. Conners and his transformation into the lizard man. This is what the third movie SHOULD have been.

Here is a summary of that episode (forgive any inaccuracies..I watched it with 2 young, excited kids):

Things are looking up for Peter. He has a job working with Dr. Conners and his wife doing research. He reassures Aunt May that things are looking up for them as she is looking through her unpaid bills. Meanwhile Dr. Conners tries out his serum to add lizard DNA to his body so he can regrow his missing arm. At first it works..but scales start to show up and he eventually transforms into the lizard man. During the transformation Dr. Conners, his wife, peter and Gwen Stacey work frantically to find a cure before it's too late. Dr. Conners young son is very scared his dad won't love him any more as he read about lizards abandoning their young.

Once the lizard man is on the loose in New York peter realizes he has to abandon the research to cure Dr. Conners so he can stop the lizard man from hurting anyone. Spidey has a battle at the zoo and is losing, but figures out that cold will slow him down enough to give him the new antidote. Eddie Brock (I think it was Eddie) helps Spidey by being bait as Spidey prepares the trap (and encloses the polar bears). Before the cure is given, Dr. Conners' son tries to stop the lizard man by trying to connect with his father, but it didn't work. Finally Spidey gives him the cure and Dr. Conners turns back into a human.

Back at the school/lab they discuss the genetic cleanse that cured Dr. Conners and Peter is all too aware that it would "cure" him too. They then see the Daily Bugle with pictures of Spidey fighting the lizard man, that were taken by Peter Parker. They are all very disappointed in Peter for abandoning the research to save Dr. Conners to run off and get pictures (of course he really ran off to save people from getting hurt as Spidey). They fire Peter from being part of the research team and Peter leaves upset. A web from above snatches another antidote that would cure Peter.

Back home Peter considers taking the genetic cleanse, but then looks at pictures of Dr. Conners and his family..happy to be back to normal. He decides that if he weren't Spider-man they would not have been saved so he decides not to cure himself....but he hides the antidote in a web under his desk...just in case.

Sorry for being so long winded. Just wondering if anyone else had enjoyed these as much as we are?
My daughter has fallen in love with this program, so I've seen just about all of it, and yeah, I agree. It is very well done. Also, the theme song is unnervingly catchy. :lol

This episode is my favorite as well.
Hands down, my favorite of the animated Spider-Man series. Incredible fight choreography, all of the characterizations were spot on, and the writing was just really clever. (They took something that every Spider-Man fan knows, and turned it into a genuine mystery, that's all I'll say.)

I'll give the new Ultimate Spider-Man toon a chance, but I'm really disappointed that corporate mix-ups killed this show. (SSM was produced by Sony, who also does the live-action films. Their license to do films was about to expire, so they gave their animation rights back to Marvel in exchange for an extension on the film license. Marvel had the option of continuing SSM, but opted to start from scratch instead.)
I'll happily take that instead of the third movie.
In fact I will seek that episode out and it WILL be the third movie for me!

Not using The Lizard in the third movie after having the character established previously
blows my mind. And a great origin for a villian.
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Yes..makes me sad they didn't complete that story. This would have made a great feature film. Amazing character depth for a 22 minute show.

And yes..the theme song rules! My son loves it!
Is this the animated series that was out in the 90's? Or one of the newer ones? Because I grew up in the 90's with the animated batman, superman, and the spiderman series and they were all good, but the two better ones were the batman (my personal favorite cartoon of all time) and the spiderman one. It was vary well thought out and produced although I didn't like the cg shots of the buildings as much, but it didnt effect the rest of the show.
I showed my little brother both of these shows a few months ago and even he agreed that they were far better than the crap they show today.
If this is about a newer one then sorry for going off topic, I haven't seen anymore of it than commercials so sorry! XD
Is this the animated series that was out in the 90's? Or one of the newer ones?
Newer, this one ran from 2008-2009.

I still have a lot of affection for the 90's series, but I don't think it's aged well. Still, before JLU, it was the first show to stuff a crapton of heroes into a single show with its Secret Wars adaptation, I thought that was pretty cool :)

I saw some of these and wondered what happened to it after the first season.
There was a second season, for a grand total of 26 episodes. Far too short a run, when the creators had so much planned :(
SSM was a fantastic series! I love that it had actual arcs, even extending across the two seasons. It's by far my favorite Spidey series. And the banter between Spidey, Sandman, and Rhino was great. "You two again?"
I think I'll start the series over with my boys. I want to pay more attention to it now..instead of just using it to entertain the kids. :)
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