The Spear Of Destiny (Sacre De Dio)


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I think that's a great paper prop. Your Constantine collection is getting to be quite impressive. When you get your display done (after you take all your glamour shots lobbing grenades and punching out demons -- I suggest one where you're punching someone out, seriously.) you need to post a pic of the final display.


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Thanks Juno,
Yea I have alot of the props now lol. I even whipped up a Shroud of Moses, the fabric John Lights on fire to get rid of the flying demons, and a vile of bullet shavings from the assasination attempt on the Pope. These were not seen very well in the movie, but I found some good behind the scenes reference pics.

I will take a picture of the entire display when I am done, in the meantine, I am writing a script for a short film based on the the movie version of Constantine. We will see how that goes and descide when to shoot.
thanks again for the interest.