The solution to our heating problems!


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Hey everyone. I know there's been a lot of discussion on how to stay cool in your suit and there's been a few great ideas. But I think I found a solution.

As a few of you know, I work for Walgreens. I was going through the new items we're getting in, and one stood out. It's a product called Forever Cool. It should be available in most stores over the next few weeks for $19.99. Here's a pic.


What does it do, ya ask? It's a cooling pack that doesn't need refrigeration. As soon as it comes in contact with a heat source, such as a body, it begins cooling down! Just slide one or two of these bad boys in your suit and you'll be set! And the best part? No time limit! These do not heat up, so there's no need to change them or toss them back in the 'fridge. I've tried one under my work clothes while unloading truck, and I gotta say, these things are amazing!

Let me know what ya think.

That's so awesome! I've never suited up but heating up was one of my biggest concerns, I'll try to source these in Australia, thanks for sharing!
That's so awesome! I've never suited up but heating up was one of my biggest concerns, I'll try to source these in Australia, thanks for sharing!
buy em from the US...itll be cheaper

hmmm thinx...can i build an entire suit out of them...
Well, I took some foam out of my mask and slid this in, and I have NO problem wearing the thing. Usually I have to take it off aftre about 10 minutes! Lol (Long hair + latex mask = BAD!)
i checked the website but theyre not listed yet....Tsurabisu do you know when approximately theyll go onto the shelves for sale?
I bought something like this in Canada at The Linen Chest of all places. It is meant to slip in a pillow case or under a sheet to keep you cool at night. Works great. I can't recall the name unfortunately
We just got them on our last truck. I know a few other stores around me that have 'em, but most will be getting their shipment in the next 2 weeks. I'll be able to get what we call a WIC number (Walgreens Identification Number) tomorrow and you can have your local store order them if they don't have any. So far, I don't think we have them on our site yet, but that's going to change sometime in May.

EDIT: The one that I have pictured is our store's display model. We just tossed them on a siderack so we didn't need it. I ended up taking it home. Heh... So the real ones won't have the hand prints on it.
kinda like this too!! a few of these wired in the headpiece might be great and the other stuff on the body
cooling down
i agree the head always gets hot then comes the condinsation lol. i dont wear my costume anymore i have a actor wear it when it goes out in full but just looking at him makes me hot.
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