The Skyfall Levi’s Vintage Clothing Menlo Leather Jacket

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Hello Guys,
I'm going to start working on Skyfall distressed Menlo Screen Accurate Leather Jacket.
I searched around but couldn't find great replica jacket so far, although Menlos still show up on eBay from time to time.
I have concern about jacket color, I couldn't deiced yet about the prototype jacket color, should it be greenish distressed or brownish?
However the jacket has shorter torso length and longer sleeves. But the design was directly copied from a model Levi’s made in the 1930s and that fit is very much of that time.
Suggestion and advice are welcomed!

Stay in touch,


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I have two kind of distressed color leather and both looks good to me.
I attached reference images, please check them out and let me know your opinions about leather color.

Thank you,


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This is my first prototype sample that I had done last year.
But I wasn't sure about the jacket color.


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I noticed there are eyelets in inside sleeve as vents, but I'm not sure this image is belong original movie jacket.
Does anyone knows about eyelets undersleeve are correct and should I put eyelets or not?



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Hello guys,
I just completed my first screen accurate Skyfall jacket.
I really appreciate your suggestion and comments.


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In case you guys missed my last post.
Here are finished version of skyfall jacket.
This is Small size jacket, if you fell some details are moved from original placement so avoid them.
However, your suggestion and critics are most welcome.


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Hey folks,

The Skyfall distressed brown jacket is available for sale, I'll start new thread "unlimited" run very soon.
I'm offering this jacket with two option, without and with distressed.

.The price would be $350 including shipping.
.Custom size accepted without any additional charges.
.Turnaround time 4 to 6 weeks.
. I accepted PayPal But prefer WU.
. Also orders would be accepted by big effect prop store too.
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