The Six Million Dollar Man: Col. Steve Austin (1/6 scale)


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My latest project; yeah, the likeness is a bit off, but it's the best I could do with the materials at hand:




* "Hey Steve! Lay off the whiskey, huh?!" - Oscar Goldman*

A preface before I really get into the bionics: on the original show, the intro showed the bionics in different-colored components, rather than the metal-colored stuff we see in the series. That always struck me as more interesting, so I thought I would run with that:



And here's what I got:





And of course, the sensor packs from the opening:


But then, thinking about it, Steve looks nice and all in his red tracksuit, but going on a date (or anywhere else, for that matter!) is going to be problematic to say the least.

So, Oscar Goldman and Dr. Rudy Wells authorized me to make Steve a more normal-looking attire:

Oscar: "Peng, here's 6 bucks for his outfit."

Pengbuzz: "Um...why do I get 6 DOLLARS and Steve gets 6 MILLION?"

Rudy: "Because we blew our budget on Steve and Jaimie's bionics: this was all that was left in petty cash."

So, with that: here's Steve's new outfit:



Next time, OSI's gonna have to get a bigger budget.

Then, I got bored:




Thanks for looking folks!


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I love it!!!

Bring back the Bionic Man!!!!


Yeah, I'd love to see them bring Steve back. The thing is though that you need a certain type of actor to pull him off. While I don't hate Mark Wahlberg (I know there's at least been talk of him being in a big-budget film version), I'm not altogether sure he would be the right choice for Col. Austin. As for a new TV series, a few years back they tried a new "Bionic Woman" series and that didn't do too well.

But I've been wrong before; that said, at least we can have some "bionic nostalgia", he?
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