The show your custom BLASTER thread!


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“BlasTech A-120 Blaster Pistol” - I’ve finally gotten around to building my own blaster! Inspired by the side arms seen in the Razor Crest in episode 1 of The Mandalorian, using a Denix replica Luger P-08, the same style of pistol which was used in Rogue One for Jyn Erso’s blaster. I dived into my big box of greeblies, fishing out all kinds of parts that would suit a blaster. Initially I wanted to go for something with more of a longer barrel to resemble those of Din and Jyn’s blasters, but ended up going for more of a stubbier barrel, built up of a Quarz 5 camera focus ring, t-track strips, and the internals of a vintage Canon flash battery case. The end of the barrel is built up of the internals of a vintage camera flash bulb socket and round heat sink, which I’ve painted to resemble a heat scorching. Other parts across the blaster include metal plates and screws from vintage cameras. The grips were sanded and painted, before lightly weathered. I just kept adding and taking away parts until I was happy with the end result. Also made a custom aluminium stand for it to sit on in my collection.

There’s a tone of really awesome builds and ideas in this thread! Love it!


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Saw a few others in this thread use a Binatone TV Lightgun as a base for their blasters, thought they were really cool, so I wanted to give it a go. Here's my latest build!


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I was at Home Depot today, and thought the replacement burner tube for a gas grill would be a perfect barrel blank...


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I found an old flashlight that, after some difficult modification, worked for the barrel. (All I’ve got are a few hand tools and an old rotary tool, and the metal flashlight body heated up considerably when I took the dremel to it).

I sprayed it with some primer while I try to find my spot putty.

I also might not go with the trigger guard because I’m having a hard time getting it to work with the Zapper body.


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Flashlight was a bright idea!


Really it works great, love some good knurling on just about anything.

Finally finished my nerf!
Not bad for "let's see what I can do on my first attempt..."!
*oh yeah, can you tell I like old flashlights too??

20210521_135934.jpg 20210521_135901.jpg


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This was a toy from Goodwill. I need to do more modeling/greebling to get away from the obvious MP5 look but this was mostly a practice piece for my new (and first!) airbrush. Going for one of the weird DH-17s that are popping up in Rogue One/Solo in the hands of Saw’s Militia, and the Cloud Riders.

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