The Shawshank Trail


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My wife and I recently traveled to northern Ohio and she indulged me in visiting filming locations used in The Shawshank Redemption, otherwise known as the Shawshank Trail. It was a fun day that I highly recommend to fellow Shawshank fans. Lots of details and large pics on my blog"

The main attraction is the Ohio State Reformatory, which was used as Shawshank Prison. But many other scenes were shot in downtown Mansfield and towns close by.


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It is a great trip. I did it a few years ago- as a matter of fact, I went a month before half of the tree fell over. Just in time!

Saw the court house, and the woodworking place was one of the real highlights. Also the road the bus travels at the end and Red walking into Buxton were great as well.

I have some photos on my profile page.

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