The Sci-fi Spacesuit Discussion Thread


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#5 The Wandering Earth (2019)

Best I remember there are three versions – red (civilian), black (military), and white (engineers).







I absolutely love the environmental suits worn in The Wandering Earth. They are the closest things I’ve seen to a realistic, real-life Wally Wood/Joe Orlando spacesuit. As a kid and into adulthood I’ve always imagined making my own sci-fi suit. This suit is nearly a perfect match to what I’ve seen in my head for all of these years.

I love the design of these suits so much, that when Damtoys made 12 inch versions of the three main military soldiers, I didn’t hesitate to drop the money on a preorder to get them.

Let’s start with the helmet design. There is no doubt who is who, because you can see each person’s face clearly. Sure the clear domes are large (and go back way further than you think that they should), but that makes them unique in my opinion.

I’m normally not an exo-skeleton kind of guy. Something about these on the military suits, though, seem realistic and to make sense. They aren’t huge and bulky, but it’s obvious what they are and what they do. Somewhere I read or hear the piece count to make the exo-skeleton, but I can’t find that number at the moment.

Probably my favorite suit of all is Zhou Qian – the military medic. The amount of medical gear is just enough that you know who she is and what she does.

The backpacks for all the suits hit the sweet spot for me – techy, lots of angles, but not too large. There is some material/cloth on them as well, which is an odd choice, but also seems right in-universe.

Sometimes a design just speaks to you and defies subjective explanation. I think this suit falls in that category. Between this suit and a TV suit that came out around the same time that I will talk about at some point, the bar has been set high in my mind for spacesuits.

I’m not an expert, but I have studied this suit a lot. My hope, of course, was to try to make at least a poor man’s replica. That darn blown bubble helmet is always the very first thing that stops me. For the last four years, I’ve looked at giant Easter Eggs at Walmart to see if they might work. No such luck yet.

I did see that Killerbody is crowdsourcing a replica of this suit for those in Chine. At over $18,000 for a full suit, though, it’s way out of my comfort zone.
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