The Scarlet Marine: New Cosplay!


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Hello everyone,

My name is Peter Bowser and I'm a new to the costume/cosplay scene. As of September of 2016, I began my first project called: The Scarlet Marine. This is where I am so far, and I will not be posting the previous pictures that lead up to this because you can check them out on my Instagram (information on my profile.) So what is the Scarlet Marine? It's a mash-up of the Scarlet Crusade from World of Warcraft and the Space Marines of Warhammer 40K. The armor design chosen for this project is the recolored version of the Lightbringer Tier set from World of Warcraft. I'm just putting it on a Space Marine instead. The deadline for this project is before the end of April or early May of 2017, there is still a lot of work to be done but it shouldn't be that much longer. Again, this is my first time building armor out of foam so I want to take my time. What do you think?

The Scarlet Crusade is a successor Chapter from the Blood Angels, with Sanguinious as their Primarch. Having ties with the Inquisition, The Scarlet Crusade Chapter often patrol the galaxy to destroy the vast filth that occupy it. Alien, heretic, and daemon alike were not spared by the Crimson Flame. The history of the Crusade is not without fault, with the founders of the Chapter quickly corrupted by the forces of Chaos shortly after the Chapter's founding. After an intensive investigation from the Inquisition and removing all the corrupt, the Inquisition took it upon themselves to keep their eye on the Scarlet Crusade; afraid of another Horus Heresy, if not worse. The first Chapter Master, Carvech C. Maris (My character) stated,

"The Inquisition's hand is needed for the Chapter's survival, for if we continue to purge worlds soaked in the foul essences of Chaos, our Chapter will need to be quarantined if something is to happen. Our fallen is the example and a lesson." - Carvech C. Maris.


The Chapter lore above is not set in stone as I'm doing more research to accurately incorporate the Scarlet Crusade's history
into the Warhammer 40K universe. Once finalized, I will be posting it here for you to read.

It makes me wonder if Blizzard based the Scarlet's off the Space Marines.
It's awesome on how well the two seem to work together for a mash-up cosplay.



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It's a mash-up costume from the Scarlet Crusade and the Space Marines from Warhammer 40K. Both are similar, so I decided to make a custom Chapter for it. How am I doing this? A lot of hard work, but I print out and cut patterns, trace them onto foam and then cut the pattern out from the foam and glue it together. =]


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looks great, i love all the warhammer builds

(hope no one noticed my mistake before.................doh)
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