the RPF Interviews Ben Burtt at Star Wars Fan Days

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    Brad Skaar was kind enough to pick up this interview with Ben Burtt for us at Star Wars Fan Days IV.

    Ben is a great interviewee and had some interesting things to say, especially about reusing some sound clips that were intended for Alien in Raiders of the Lost Ark and about how he is still out picking up sound clips today in the strangest places!

    Ben Burtt Sound Designer Interview at Star Wars Fan Days IV - YouTube
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    Ben is a great guy. I was recently at Skywalker Ranch visiting Ben and he was a wealth of information and well as a spectacular host. Some of the stuff I saw/heard was just plain epic.
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    Saw this on facebook earlier, of all places, great interview

    Really seems like a normal down to earth guy, refreshing to see that
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    Great stuff.. just saw this.

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