the RPF 2011 Halloween Costume Contest

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Now that you are all done with building your custom Dr Grordbort’s ray gun, it is time to think about Halloween! 2011 marks our second annual Halloween Costume contest and in honor of that, we have doubled several of our prizes!

One of the best aspects of the RPF is seeing all the incredible costumes (and props) built and worn by our members! From Sucker Punch to Captain America our members have some of the BEST costumes on the net, and our Replica Costume Forum is one of the fastest growing areas of our site!

Contest Rules and Submissions:

Please read the rules before submitting your costume as not following them may result in your disqualification from the contest!

  • You MUST be a registered member of! If you are not a registered member, your entry will be disqualified! Click this link to register.
  • One entry per person (if you are a parent, you can enter your child as well as yourself)
  • If you've previously won in any category you will not be permitted to re-enter the costume for which you won.
  • If you entered the contest previously and were NOT a winner, you can enter your costume again, but you cannot use the same photo as last year.
  • No store-bought costumes! If it came from Wal-Mart, this probably isn't the contest for you. (Staff reserves the right to deny entry or disqualify an entry based on source of costume.)

Entry Submission

Email us at with "2011 Halloween Contest" as the subject line.

Include the following in your email:

  • Your board name – this is important! Don’t leave it off!
  • The name of your character/costume and what it is from example: "Batman from The Dark Knight"
  • What category you are entering (men, women, children)
  • ONE good, clear photo of your costume that will be posted publicly on the site. Please don’t send multiple photos for us to choose from! Pick your best photo and send it. Please note, we will resize all photos so that no photo is larger than 800 pixels on any side. If you would like to resize your photo before sending, that would be greatly appreciated.
  • A second photo that is "proof" it is your costume in order to dissuade those who might simply submit a random photo from off the internet. The "proof" photo needs to be you, in costume, with either a sheet of paper that says "The RPF Costume Contest" or a photo of you in costume with your computer in the background with the RPF up on the computer. This is a very important step, so make sure to include your "proof" photo when entering!

We will again have three categories with a first place winner for each category and a runner up in each category .

The categories are:
  • Females in costume
  • Males in costume
  • Kids (12 and under) in costume

As we mentioned last year, we are breaking the main categories down by sex because if we didn't, the guys wouldn't stand a chance against the girls! One of the biggest complaints in costume contests is that the most scantily clad female always wins the contest so we are avoiding that by splitting the contest between the guys and the girls.

We again have a children’s category to help encourage our 2nd generation RPFers and to ensure our love for props and costumes is passed on to that next generation.

How are winners determined?

We will accept entries through Nov 2 (so you have time to submit your Halloween photos).

On Nov 7, we will create 3 polls which will include the entrants (by photo, not name) and have the members vote on the winners through Nov 10. Winners will be announced on Nov 11.

What are the prizes?

  • Female in costume - first place - $200 Gift Card to
  • Female in costume – runner up - $50 Gift Card to
  • Male in costume - first place - $200 Gift Card to
  • Male in costume – runner up - $50 Gift Card to
  • Kid in costume - first place - $50 Gift Card to
  • Kid in costume - runner up - $25 Gift Card to

Hmm.. better get back into the shop then.
Also brilliant move on dodging the whole "inability to defeat sweater yams" thing.
Hi Art! Could you possibly put up the pics of last year's winners for those of us that joined sfter that date? or a link to them please?
thanks Mate.
Ohhh, man. Maybe this will give me some motivation to get going this year.
I wish I were an amputee, I've got some absolutely fantastic ideas for costumes that involve missing limbs. Sigh. :lol
Damn, it'd be nice to even stand a chance against the talent on here haha! Well, I guess I'll just have to give it the old college try anyway.
Damn, it'd be nice to even stand a chance against the talent on here haha! Well, I guess I'll just have to give it the old college try anyway.

Exactly! We know that the level of talent here on the RPF is absolutely staggering and can be intimidating, and while a contest is inherently about who is "best", there is no reason not to go for it and enter your costume! Whether you win or not, we love seeing everyone's work. Last year we had over 50 entries and while only two from each category won, it was awesome just to browse through and enjoy ALL of the entries!
And after seeing last years winners and runners up, I bow out gracefully! There is only so much you can do with a toilet roll :lol
yay can't wait. i'll actually have a decent costume to submit this year.

edit: will this/can this thread be a sticky?
Sounds like fun, there might be someone wrong with the prize cateorgies for first place and runner up Art.
And after seeing last years winners and runners up, I bow out gracefully! There is only so much you can do with a toilet roll :lol

Oh dear me, no. It's all about the fun.. I've seen some damned amazing things done with a toilet roll too, mind you..*

Please, everyone participate. As we're all judging, it isn't necessarily going to be about technical talent - there have been nods to historical accuracy and just sheer FUN costumes as well!

* take tissue or toilet paper, soak it in liquid latex, apply to face or arms for a creepy wrinkled creature flesh effect - someone could pull off a Creature from the Black Lagoon costume with a roll (or five).. :lol

** just for this I'm going to challenge myself to incorporate toilet paper somewhere in my costume.. :lol
Not that I could stand a chance against all you seasoned professionals, but I think I'm going to enter my costume anyway. It's my first fabric based costume so we'll see how it goes... (Maybe I should learn to sew first?) :lol
It needs to be Noted that Showing off ur big knockers and or dumpy butt will not win you this contest gals. This will be fun to watch. Shame that some of the costumes will be better because, Some members have more money to invest than other members.
I'm excited for this! I really don't think I'll be much competition to win (my costume isn't complicated/impressive enough) but since I joined the RPF since last Halloween, I'm glad I'll be here for it!
I've already started making mine... documented here.
Flynn Rider, from Tangled!
So great. We're all gonna have our minds melted.

would original characters/cosumes be valid, or must they be replica costumes?
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