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Hey all,

Our site's just been updated with another original film costume display. This time, it's the Rocketeer.

The film is a favorite of mine and it was an honor to have the opportunity to create a display for such an iconic costume. I've always loved the moment from the film's climax where Cliff is atop the observatory, about to take off after the zeppelin.

I felt the flag would make a great backdrop and that it could be angled to compliment the figure. The client and I worked out the pose for the mannequin together, coming up with something dynamic that instantly brings to mind both the classic comic art and the film.

The costume consists of the original boots, pants, leather jacket, gauntlets, pack and hero helmet. We added the gloves and mauser to finish things off. The pack straps are temporary...

There are several more images on our site in a new gallery dedicated to this display: The Rocketeer - original movie costume lifesized display

Also be sure to check out our Youtube video for the project: YouTube - The Rocketeer Original Movie Costume Display

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking!

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I think Michael (Evilrocketeer) just splooged all over himself.

actually, i just died a little in the inside.....and then splooged a little hahahaha

Tom, I am speechless. Absolutely a work of art. Absolutely breath taking. I love it. It is kinda funny because I am in the process of doing a 1:1 display (replica costume :cry) and I was going to do a Griffith Observatory base as well....You did a fantastic job with the base and the addition of the flag.

Btw, it looks like it has our very own Dualedges Hero helmet....
Yeah, it went to a good home. I haven't had much contact with the owner so it's cool to see it again and know it's receiving the attention it deserves.

That was the kind of display I always dreamed of having but knew would never be in my budget. :love
What a amazing display, your best so far IMHO! I love the dynamic pose, classic! :cheers

Are you allowed to post pictures showing the backpack a little more?
GORGEOUS display !!!


Hats off to you Tom and your team (and also to the proud owner of this iconic costume, one of my all times favorite) !!!

Thank you so much for the kind words (especially the ones from our finheaded-friends!). This display is one of my favorite projects we've done (if not the favorite I think!). I love the film and the look of the costume... love that era and old timey adventure vibe. We've had a lot of incredible costumes come through our studio and this was one of the hardest to let go of when the time came to send him home!

syxxpac - I'm afraid we don't own the costume, it belongs to a private client of ours, but whatever the price, it's an amazing bit of wardrobe and no doubt worth every penny :)

Thanks again!

Absolutley Beautiful. Another masterpiece Tom, we should expect no less.

Just one question though, how many stars on the flag? ;)
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