The Rings of the Mandarin (comic style)


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I was reading an issue of Iron Man the other day and saw a picture of all the Mandarins rings and it hit me I can do that. So hear it goes.
I'm planning on using pvc pipe for the rings. I thought I could find something close for the jewels at Hobby Lobby but I was wrong, so I plan on making them out of clay. Then mold and cast.
I walked all around Lowe's sticking my finger in every pipe I could find. I finally found the right size. I cut 11 rings in a miter box with a hacksaw. They are a little rough but I'll clean them up.
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I had a problem with my first set of rings. None of them were even. I ended up re cutting all the rings with an electric miter saw. It worked much better. All of them are now even.
Now these are all cleaned up and ready for paint.


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While I'm waiting for the paint to dry on my practice ring I thought I'd give it a shot doing the gems.

Now comes the fun part. I've never molded anything before so this will be interesting. If anyone has any tips I'm all ears.
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