The Rider is coming? Hell Yes.


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After seeing the new trailer for Ghost Rider 2 after Superdrool posted it on Facebook, (BLAMING YOU TONY!!!!!!) it had really renewed my interest in finishing a project I started back before I found out I was moving....

The Rider is coming...........

But not just any Rider.

Anyone care to take a guess?


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Lady rider indeed. I think her name was Barbara Ketch or something like that. Wasn't that one of the Marvel "What if's " titles? She got the power/ curse instead of her brother?


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Lady Rider!

edit: I think your TF costumes are absolutely awesome - they capture the cartoons perfectly.

Thanks man. :) I've got at LEAST four coming in the next 6 months for a big convention I am going to that I'm helping do a fundraiser with. So I'll be doing a LOT of posting here! :lol

And oh yeaaahhh...Lady Rider. I didn't even know such lady existed and was making it up based on the Ghost Rider movie style from how Nick Cage looked, only with high heel boots and changing the 'fire hair' a little bit. Then a buddy on facebook pointed it out to me, OMG YOU'RE DOING THE LADY RIDER!!! AWESOMEEEE!!!
I'm just kind of like, :confused Uh...What? How do you know this, I'm just making her up as I go.
The he sent me the picture and told me that she was an actual character they used for a very little time, and he believed she was at one time Johnny Blaze's girlfriend (?) and the curse passed to her for a bit for some reason.
I was stunned because my sketches of what I wanted mine to look like matched the comic and how he described the actual Lady Rider to a T. :eek But she was a very little known and quickly forgotten character.
So it convinced me. I was going to be Lady Rider, and I set to buying my materials.

Guys, my jacket....oh she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I will go to the Geek Room and bring forth photos. Because this jacket is gorgeous. I found her for a steal too. I've got the studs for the jacket already too, and found my gloves after Halloween. I have my chains, and my boots. And I have the skull mask. So soon after Christmas I'll be sitting down and working on the skull, and the flames.
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