The Riddler sword cane (comic): The making of

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Hi everyone, I've been a ghoster for a long time and decided to finally show off a couple of items I've made and figured this place would be the place that it would be appreciated!

A couple of years ago I updated my Riddler costume and decided I needed a Riddler cane to go with it. So, I went all out and made a custom sword cane. Here's how I did it.


First I started with a rough sketch after taking apart a pretty plain looking sword cane. Once I saw that the end of the blade had screw threads on it, I knew I'd need to make the head of the question mark screw onto the handle.


The parts - pretty standard stuff, aside from the laser cut question marks and wooden sphere.


Here is the cane I started with. I took it apart, and only took the parts I needed, cutting or sanding away what I didn't.


Here is a shot of the cane disassembled. You can see the opposite end of the blade has screw threads. The entire design is based around this fact.


Here are the two laser cut question marks I ordered online. You'll see why I got two in the next picture. I did not use these dots.


As you can see, I drilled and dremeled out a place for the blade's screw to go, including the nut housing for it to screw into. I used a square nut so that when I spun the head on it had something to grip.


A wooden sphere I picked up at Michael's. I drilled the hole in the center which the blade's screw will pass through.


The two question marks clamped together with the drill holes in place. The nut will be secured inside, this pic was taken just to show what it'll look like finished.


Here the cane is partially reassembled and painted. You can see the "dot" has been secured with the blade's screw sticking through waiting for the head to be screwed on.


And here is the final product!


Thanks for looking - this was my first project and it was a lot of fun!
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