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So I’m going to the May 2015 London MCM Comic Con and I’ve decided to Cosplay as The Akham City version of the nefarious Riddler.... The first thing I wanted to create was his cane. I started off by measuring the cane that comes with the Batman Arkham City Riddler Action Figure I then measured the figure. After I compared it to the height of Nigma noted down in the Guide Book for the Game. By doing this I was able to work out the scale...


Here is the drawing/blueprint of the design. I then proceeded printing out the design (actual size) and tracing it over a piece of MDF. I cut out the head of the cane and then was able to use that as a new stronger template..
View attachment 477403
Using this I traced the design onto two thicker pieces of MDF... The great thing about MDF is that it doesn’t have a grain.

View attachment 477409 View attachment 477408 View attachment 477407 View attachment 477410
I cut thoese out using a mixture of a Band Saw and a Jigsaw. The next thing to do was weld/solder the coper handle together... This was fun by the way lol... Using plumming pieces I was able to create a handle that dipped in at the centre. This was also very strong...

Next I drilled into the head of the cane (making sure it was straight the whole time) and fixed in inside using a nut and bolt. After I gave the whole thing a spray of primer.

View attachment 477415 View attachment 477414 View attachment 477413 View attachment 477416

I also added the bottom pieces aswell. They were made by drilling into the MDF and shaping them with the sander. I painted the whole thing green exept the handle and the edges of the Cane’s head. They were a metalic silvery grey.

I wasn’t particuley happy at this stage as I felt it was missing something. Y’know those wooden sticks you get at coffee shops to stir your coffee and what not. It turns out they make great edging strips for a Cane Head.

View attachment 477419

I next painted that silver and finished painting the rest. Let me also add, I used silver metal tape in between the Dot of the Question Mark and the Head and also between the two bottom pieces. Everything looked far to new so I battered the tape a little and scratched it. I also added a mottled painted texture to the cane and stick and attatched a metal dome onto the end of the cane so that it gave out a nice clang when you hit it on the floor.

I’ll Post my final Images next...
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So here’s my finished Cane... What do you guys think? I’m still working on the cosplay itself but I think this turned out pretty well :)

IMG_6361.JPG IMG_6362.JPG IMG_6363.JPG IMG_6364.JPG IMG_6365.JPG
IMG_6367.JPG IMG_6368.JPG IMG_6361.JPG IMG_6362.JPG IMG_6363.JPG


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