The quick fade in/out movie trailers?


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Is it me or is the formula for almost all movie trailers to have Fade-in/Fade-out quick shot sequences set ot music? It is getting SO cliche to see this.

What was the first movie trailer to do this?

Wes R

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I think movie trailers in general have become a lost art. You look at the ones from the 50s and 60s and they were more informative, and in some cases pretty long as they were mini documentaries on a few, and just seemed better made. I agree the fade in and out is kind of annoying and way over used.

Colin Droidmilk

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I can't watch the bloody things any more because of this. God, this constant, painful fading in and out to black. Either show us the damn clips or don't show us the damn clips! Make your sodding minds up.

The Wolf

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I've noticed trailers have to have the qick editing and catchy/rousing music (Carmina Burana was used in almost evry action trailer one year).
It seems like the people making trailers don't know how to promote a simple drama anymore.:unsure



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Are you guys kidding? Modern trailers are fantastic at marketing, just not to us. We aren't the target demographic anymore.

Oh, and Brick was an awesome film.


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I'm really sick of the fade out/in technique, too. It isn't applied correctly. It's effective as a three or four-beat punctuation after a buildup. When it's done for three minutes straight it's just annoying.


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Interesting thread.

I watch the old trailers with my kids for some of my favorite movies and most of the time the trailers are so slow and really don’t do a good job.

I’m referring to 80s and 90s movies.

You guys are right that the new ones are fast pace and the hope is to generate excitement. I think the older movies are almost always better but I like the new style of trailers.


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