The Predator (2018) Trailer

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But god that armour is garbage. The colouring is dodgy, it lacks any of the detail or 'tribal' features that define the predator, and it looks like it's something from mortal kombat.
Nothing against the budget suit makers of this or any other forum, but the whole suit looks like it was made out of craft foam and gym mats. Just look at the texture of the armor and the first thing it comes to my mind are those things. The bio is okay but it reminds me a lot of fan made lids. I am completely open to new ideas and understand that the franchise needs to expand but damn, why not get the PredHeads involved and do this **** right, the first time.
The more i look at this suit it makes me think of the rumor that this could be a Pred-Chick, a really buffed female predator. All we need now to make this story a bit more comical is that all these Predators are here to mate with this gal and the humans are in the middle of this. lol
Imo if we ever do see a female pred I hope it's something a little more imaginative (and disturbing) than a Predator in a human female sillouett.

NeoKazama I absolutely agree. I noticed the same issue about the armor texture when that cover photo for the making-of book was released.
Additionally I've also seen better armor made in craft foam.
What's with the AVP feet?! At a first glance in the trailers, he actually looked pretty good and had a similar style to that of Borg, but now....I don't know. It looks more like a mix of AVP and Battlestar Galactica's Cylon. What's up with bland paintups since Predator 2? AVP Pred's looked like they were painted with a sharpie, AVPr was bland, and now he looks like a frog.

I don't know... this PREDATOR does look like a girl PREDATOR or in some ways. The armor is made different around the groin area and the top piece looks like a high tech sports bra or something!? If it is a female PREDATOR then that's GREAT something NEW to the species is being brought to us in film.. good or bad I still wanna see the movie and find out.
ADI only did the skins, its Quantum Creations FX that did the armor.

I wouldn't say that if the predator turned out to be female it's automatically great. Quality is more important than quantity.
Another thing that i noticed (im sure everyone else did as well) is the lack of the classic black spots on the skin. The colors on the skin have a fade effect, making the skin look, smooth.

The shin armor is p1 inspired for sure.
If you look close, it has "some" on it's torso, but that's it and it's hidden under the armor. But, I'm not seeing a neckring, though.
I think that it's almost certainly female. In the PREY comic book/novel, Dachande references the fact that female predators are both taller and stronger than males.

Also, is this the hybrid, or is this something else?
Tallon, these pictures are of the "captured" predator. The Hybrid was sort of a red or pinkish color (unsure due to lighting in the trailer).
Looking forward to that battle :)


Photo promo from the movie... new detail on blades.

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