The Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2

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    Kinda making this thread mid work so apologies for the lack of info, I'll update things later today. I'm making his cutter from wood. All I'm using is a Dremel tool, a Bosch sander and some help from a local carpenter. The cutter will switch to horizontal mode like in game and I'll fit some lasers in it, it should be fun. ETA is the 13th of this month.

    1097754_417148185057463_201853174_o.jpg 10014332_506837569421857_799816073_o.jpg 1836853_506837672755180_736694808_o.jpg
    1973495_508409602597987_8896626325195383861_o.jpg 1956899_508409819264632_6064347298234844553_o.jpg 921684_508410019264612_4984261346388733744_o.jpg
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