The Phantom Menace Battle Droids

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by danikin72, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. danikin72

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    Here are my modified Battle Droids I did a while back. Before Sideshow came out with their 1/6 scale versions. I purchased the STAP with Battle Droid kits and just used the droids. I had to make several of the joints moveable to hold the equipment. Delicate work considering there is not alot of plastic there to begine with. For the Commander I scratched a new back to account for the missing backpack and the alternate antenna.
    Let me know what you think.





    Thanks for looking.
  2. d_jedi1

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    I think they look great.
    As nice as the sideshow figures are, I wish I'd bought a bunch of these back in the late 90s (and beyond).
    Would have been easy to have BD troops and STAPs that aside from articulation, look every bit as good as the sideshow droids.
  3. darth_daniel

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    I think the paint and weathering job looks awesome. :thumbsup Very convincing. I´m not much interested in figure modeling but these guys are really cool.
  4. Tim Nolan

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    I love these guys!! They were a big part of the entertainment of the movies they appeared in, and you captured thier essence well! Nice detail and paint work!!
  5. familyman

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    I love these guys, awesome work. Would love to have one of these things in my room one day.

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