"The People vs. George Lucas" on DVD...

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Galactifan, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Galactifan

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  2. Jannix Quinn

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    I watched about half of it and got bored.
  3. darth_myeek

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    Worse than Fanboys?
  4. Jeyl

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    I wouldn't say it's bad, but the choice of interviews to show had me scratching my head. They said they interviewed Ray Harryhausen, but didn't use any of it. I ponder on this because we get about 15 minutes of Chris Gore footage, a man who I despise immensely.

    Now, that's not saying the documentary itself isn't any good. I was quite relieved when they showcased that PR note on why the original trilogy wasn't going to be released in any proper format after the double disc sets. It's so full of contradictions and obvious lies that I can't help but think how he's alienating those who are really attached to the original movies for no real reason.
  5. Michael Bergeron

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    I'll have to give it a watch...
  6. binkleywalker

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    Yeah, the first part is slow and the second is a little better. Nice footage of the amateur remakes- Legos, fan films, claymation, animation- some neat things.

    Like when Indy 4 came out and people called for the head of Lucas but not Spielberg because they knew who did it.

    Neat watching others describe how they were so excited about the first prequal coming and sitting there in the theatre and the Lucasfilm logo- Yeah! And then the crawl and how the language in the crawl made you go -Uh-Oh! This doesn't sound like Star Wars.

    And then as it unfolded, the uneasyness that- this might suck. And then afterward thinking, I'll go see it again, that might help. Maybe I was so excited I missed it. But it didn't help.

    That's exactly how I felt watching it. Oh, man- this is not a good movie!

    Give it a watch- it will comfort you that other people suffered.

  7. ericwong

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    this is good documentary for me, i especially love the south park portion... not to given more spoilers.. :)
  8. Ronan87

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    I loved all 6 episodes. The original trilogy will always have a special place in my heart, but theirs enough room for the other 3.

    What i have always wondered was why was the latest 3 eps so... 'normal'. It's like they were scared to do anything to blow are mind off... I mean we aren't talking about a little movie with a small budget and limited resources... So what/who stopped them? Lucas?
  9. Maulfett

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    I saw it few weeks ago, it was cool because fan and profesional said what was good and baad about Star Wars trilogys, I'm in love with Ep4,5, and 6,
    Ep 1, 2 and 3 I'm just a fan of the characters and the fight scene, Darth Maul:thumbsup but he got killed so fast:cry, Ep2 Jango Fett and little Boba :thumbsup but jango got kill so fast :cry, Ep3 the fights: Yoda vs Emperor, Anakin vs Obi and the return Of Darth Vader :thumbsup Darth Vader appears few seconds:cry
    When i said too fast those character should be in more than one movie.
    Sorry for my broken english
  10. Jedifyfe

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    I just watched this documentary, if you could call it that, and thought it was as bad as the prequels themselves.

    Now I dislike the prequels however I am adult enough to decide what I want to watch and believe in. The greatest gift George gave me was Temple of Doom. I hate that movie and therefore I have been able to forget that movie evens exists along with Indy 4 and the prequels.
  11. PHArchivist

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    Followed by the line "brain-dead" within the first minutes of dialogue... :rolleyes
  12. Jeyl

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    I'm just glad the documentary covered that stupid PR stunt where Lucasfilm explained how they permenantly altered the original negatives to coincide with the Special Editions and because of that altering, there will never be a restored original version of the film.

    Why would they do that? How can they do that?
  13. patsmear

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    Boba got killed quick too!
  14. Apollo

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    :lol I have to watch this now! :lol


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