The Pentaverate on Netflix


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I initally had been mildly excited when I found a new show helmed by Mike Myers.
Good production value, interesting story idea. But in the end it was just a repitition of Mike Myers playing multiple roles combined with a very childish and gross humour.
I guess Mike Myers would be flattered if he knew that I think this series was a giant turd.
If the dad from So I Married An Axe Murderer isn't in it, I don't want it!
I've only managed to get through 4 so far, but there was a cameo that made me laugh my @%$ off :)

The sad part of this to me is, you can see there are really good bits in it and it's not a bad story at all, however, the lame childish/nsfw type humor falls terribly flat and seems to be very out of place.

I loved the T-shirt though: Canada living the American dream, without the violence since 1867 :)

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