The Peculiar Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak (Strawberry Shortcake - Final pics!)


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So, I never thought I would find myself cosplaying a Strawberry Shortcake character, but after a friend of mine (Red Stone Dreamery) put together a great Strawberry Shortcake costume (first image), I asked if I could cosplay her villainous counter-part: The Purple Pie Man.

The first order of business was the hair. This was pretty straight forward. Styling and dyeing the hair. Red Stone offered to make the hat for me and having one more thing of my to do list, I wasn't going to turn her down. Here's the result:

I'm currently working on his spoon and Berry Bird, his avian companion. The spoon has been scaled up to be the same size roughly, so it's a pretty large spoon. Berry Bird from the original toy is a little derpy looking so I am going with a more current look for BB, a crow like bird with attitude.

More to come soon! You can always see more progress pics on my socials below.
Finished up the apron today and put what I have together on a mannequin. There will be a prosthetic chin and nose as well. I am supposed to pick up the curly toe pants this week. Now on to finishing up my avian companion: Berry Bird.
Berry Bird is mostly complete. Eyes, beak and feet painted in yellow enamel. Body flocked with purple flocking. I've started working on a pie that is a small case to carry around little wrapped pastries I can give to people. The crust is air-dry clay. The "berries" are felt balls that will all be dyed/painted different shades of purple and then coated with a "pie glaze" that will be a clear resin that is tinted purple. Then I will do crust lattice on top of this with more of the air dry clay and then paint to look more realistic.
The outer crust has been painted, as well as the "berries". I then mixed a two part clear resin and added some purple dye to make a "filling" and poured this over the berries. Once the resin dries, I'll apply a lattice work with more air-dry clay, paint and the pie is done! I should be able to do a test fitting within a week or two.
Berry Bird is done! Here's a picture of him sitting with the pie. This was my first (and probably last) experience working with flocking powder. It is WORSE than glitter. :D
That means that all of the pieces are done and all that is left to do is a make-up test, put on the costume and get to the con this Saturday! I'll post pictures of the complete cosplay at the beginning of next week.

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