The one good thing for me about the new Transformers film


Master Member that every time I see the title, I get this song stuck in my head:

I'll probably never see the film at all, but I'll at least smile and hum to myself when I see the title.
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Irrelevant for me. That would imply that I'd see any of the films (other than the first one, which soured me on the whole series). I'm just digging some old school metal. :)
Actually, the title's a bit like The Dark Side of the Moon, so it's not only Ozzy Osbourne fans who can get something from the movie, Floyd fans can get something out of it, too. Which is nice.
True, and I'm a Floyd fan as well, but "Dark of the Moon" has the same cadence as "Bark at the Moon" so that's where my mind went first.
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