The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection

Supa troop

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There is a new Monthly collection out here in the UK, The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection.
The first book cost's £2.99p but there after each book goes up to a staggering £9.99p if you buy from a regular store.

However there is a better deal if you actually subscribe to this, you also get the occasional freebie, like mugs and DVD's.

Once you have the whole collection it makes a pretty impressive display, however im really stuggling to justify spending nearly £600 on book's that good just end up gathering dust byt the end.

The Official Marvel Graphic Novels Collection - Collect the series of books

Wes R

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Marvel had a company over here putting entire series on DVD. I have the Uncanny X-men from 1963-2006 edition but it didn't include complete crossovers so in the end it wasn't worth the cash either. Especially when the other X books they crossed with aren't on dvd. The Ironman and Spiderman version of the disc are selling for 90.00 or more. 600.00 sounds like an aweful lot when you can find a list of them and probably get them off ebay or amazon for less than that.


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Lol I was actually considering getting these, until I paused the Ad when it showed all the books and worked out the cost :eek

Probably will get the first issue though means spidey is my fave :)


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It's a cool idea, but it sucks if you aren't into a particular character. Then you have to decide either to buy the book despite not liking the character and wasting money, or don't buy it and give up the whole spine mural idea.


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They did the same thing with the Iron Maiden CD's. They released all the studio albums and live albums together and when stacked together, made a cool picture of Eddie.

I had no interest in buying the live albums so it became pointless to me.


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I picked up the first one for the book and poster, I'd like to be able to justify it but based on what they're showing for the next set I've got them all in TPB.

I did really want the free bookends though...
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