The "official" ESB Boba Fett blaster thread

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DL 44 Blaster

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Well with all the Fett enthusiasts out there who want to do some research on building an ESB version of the EE-3 we need to pull our resources together and figure out this weapon once and for all.Hopefully we can bring some closure to peices that have been speculated about.What we can hopefully cover are things like:


2)Scope rings

3)Square stock with the six holes on both sides of the scope rings

4)Barrel rings :these are some kind of hose clamp,but that's all I know.

5)Stock plates :four of these are the UK plugs,but the middle plate is still a mystery

There is probably some info. that will be easy to peice together,but if we can solidify any theory's out there it will help give us all difinitive proof of what was used.


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I will keep a close eye on this thread!

I have a Webley screaming for an ESB conversion!

What I think:

1) The exact scope has yet to be found but as BD has found the Crosman 410 is very close.

2) Rings are from Crosman 410.....again thanks to BD.

3) I had thought these are some kind of ammo holder.....maybe the wood inserts in a can?

4) Muffler clamps???

5) Cant help ya here......sorry!



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Anyone else have any comments on this blaster?

I know Jeff R. made a real real nice one......I almost traded him my MGC Sterling for it a while ago.

Maybe he can post some pics and comment.....please..

DL 44 Blaster

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I bid on Jeff's duplicate blaster last year that he held a private email auction for,but alas I didn't have the funds to pull it off

Folks haven't seen Jeff posting here for a while,but I think we could sure use his input on this very subject.


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I've seen a lot of scopes while researching the Han blasters, and this one looks a lot like a Weaver...possibly 4x and up.
The rings also look like weavers, but I'll keep an eye out.

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Whatta day.

Anyhoo, I guess I can start from the front.

Barrel Insert: MPP, I dunno. I used Synchronars, I feel they better match the hole pattern I've seen in more than one pic, however the photos never really do view from multiple angles, but my best voice in my head says synch.

Barrel Rings: The front barrel ring is NOT on the barrel of the gun. I dont care what anyone says, or what anyone wants to tell me, thats my stand. There are scaled reasons, that dont pan out in estimating the overall length of the gun, that say it's attached to the flashgun, not the barrel. There are other reasons, one of which being the 2 small bolt and nuts located at the bottom of the front barrel ring. These are used to secure the flash in the barrel...via being attached thru the barrel ring and the skeletal support for that extends all the way to the back mounts...pretty smart if ya really think about it.

The actual rings are old oil wrench clamps, cut and bent a bit.

Side boxes: The little side boxes with the 6 holes. Those are Winchester ammo box inserts. They are wood, and were issued Police and possibly military in the 1970's They are rounded on 2 edges, and flat on the other. Usually these are found inside the small black quickloader leather pouches ya used to see cops wear.

Mounts: What a pain in the ass these are. They are essentially, a hodgepodge. The front, a 3 step elevation, the back, a 2 step. As near as I can tell, they may have been cut from wood for simply this application, to make the gun a bit more hot rodded, and lift the scope up. They must be cut, and measured *exactly* , as well as shaped to the barrel tapers front and back. Now sure that sounds like ya just have to measure right, but the tapers are different which throws off the elevation, and no shims can really be used and have it look right. Prepare to go thru about 4 sets before you get the idea, and when you do, drop to your knees and say a thank you prayer, because this is without a doubt the biggest ******* ever. There's more to come, now ya have to attach the scope, and have it *perfectly* level with land, not level with the barrel, or it's crooked.
Have fun with that, I got it down to a science now, but it took me 3 years, and 5 separate client builds.

Scope rings: I can explain these more, but I'm at work, and I have no pics to give. These are not gun rings. The gun rings, have a...when looking at them from the side...ok?...follow this...the small gap/split on gun rings runs from the top being open, to closed at the a "U". The Fett ESB rings, are the reverse of that...the top is closed, and the bottom open. They also have no visible screws, but rather act as such, like a pinch clamp.
I have found no scope rings as we know them, like that. I have however found old 1970's pinch hose clamps....and they look perfect. Same width, same cut, same pinch style. Personally I think thats what they are, and I've built them as such.

The scope mounts, have a small block, thats is used to pinch the scope ring. You can see the 2 small screws under the scope ring in many of the pics I think, and thats what theyre function is. Not only to they hold the scope, but they hold the scope to the mount. One shot I had even showed the small gap of the pinched ring in between.

Scope: In truth you can find the same look with alot of Tasco scopes, or me there's no serious descernable difference. It's your basic scope, and theyre pretty plentiful.

Small Washer and Lever on reciever: Lever for a long time, I thought was a throttle linkage from a lawn device...however I leaning more now towards the push arm(?) from the V-8 model. I always hand cut mine, and I'd like to try and try the V-8 part and see. Anyone got one? The round disc, is your average washer. Dont be a moron and drill the receiver, just epoxy it on, or if you can weld it in a small spot, under the lever. Small spot...just enough to make it strong. Drilling it will not let you ever fire it again, and I fire mine routinely.

Stock Plates: As some smart fella on here said recently, these are the same item as on the Vader reveal neck/back. Theyre European electric plugs...the part ya plug in, minus the wiring. They split in half, to expose the wiring and copper leads. These were opened up and laid flat (wiring face open), and those are your 4 outside black stockplates.
The center one is a whole 'nuther fiasco. I have found some deathly close. I've been told a old math co-processor, and I've also heard a deckplate from a model ship. I as of yet have not attached permanently anything to mine until someone other than me has some ideas. I've researched this damned thing for going on 5+ years, and I know when I see it I'll know it. I've actually thought about building my own from scratch, it aint like it'd be that hard, but I kinda want the part, and even the old original prop makers just cant nail it down for me.
( Thats right, I said old.

Anyway, I gotta go home, I got bowling tonight, and a bad groin pull to get stretched out.

Cya all,

DL 44 Blaster

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(Best Austin Powers) Yeahh,BABY,...YEAAAHHH !!! Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!! Jeff,you've got this thing nailed,and now I am going to see that this gets archived if it's the last thing I do.I guess there's really nothing else left to say at this point since Jeff has been known as the ESB EE-3 "guru" for quite some time now,and IMHO if he says it's so then,to me,it's so.

Thanks Jeff

LOL, thanx Steve, I was actually pretty happy to see my name in the board after not being in for awhile, some twists of life have kept me away.

Actually this whole thing today has got me interested in scratchbuilding that stockplate. I have the best photos known to man, so it wont be hard....maybe I'll get started after bowling tonight.

Take Care,

Laser Brain

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Here is a bit more detail on the 4 'plug' stockplates:

That plug is the AM aerial/earth connector used on many a Eurotuner from the
60's/70's ie Grundig, Blaupunkt B&O etc. A few of the Japanese used it as well,
presumably for the European market. Also Ferguson used it on the 'Studio
6'. The FM version has both pins 'facing' the same way ie is reversible.

From lonepigeon's pic of the reverse of the plug we were able to see ARIEL and EARTH icons.

I am still waiting to get some of the 'close' versions that the guy who identified this part has.


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Ham Solo

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Cool thread, fellas!

The Fett ESB is the best Fett blaster IMO.

Neil, did you get a spare HKC MPP for the front of your Webley?
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