The official completed Hasbro Falcon show off thread!!!!


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Since the finished birds are starting to happen, I figured that it was time to show off the end product! There's some AMAZING work out there.

I would love it if you acknowledged the modded parts you purchased. Whether you got them from shapeways or if another forumite "made an extra" resin cast for you. It seems like there is an endless supply of great resources out there.

Let's see 'em!


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Oh my god. I just watched that Cooper video. I gotta say, I was skeptical about his side walls being inaccurate. But I'm totally eating my words. In a lot of ways, it looks better than the ilm sidewalls.!


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HI here we go DSC00185.JPG DSC00135.JPG DSC00150.JPG DSC00140.JPG DSC00149.JPG DSC00187.JPG :D
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