The Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown Clock Calendar Replica


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I started this project last year and trying to finish it up before Christmas.

I Started by tracing the Clock Face and Countdown box from a Screen grab, scaling the pattern up to match the largest wreath I could find.

Cutting out the pattern out of wood, and glued the sides, top & Bottom on using a combo of wood glue and hot glue. Hot glue more to hold it while the wood glue sets. I don't have a back, nor anything in the Interior yet. as I intend to add a little electronics/lights

For the clock Face itself, I picked up a sheet of acrylic from Tap Plastics. I chose white, but now I wish I picked a lighter shade of gray instead. It came as a square so I had to cut it round. I drilled holes all along the circumference to use zip ties to hold it to the back of the wreath. A hole Tim-Burton-center for the clock mechanism

For the domed Bolt heads, I found some nice bronze colored button studs with a screw back off Amazon. They were normally used for handbags or various leather crafts. I had to counter sink the screws as the thread length I bought wasn't long enough

I carved the spider web into the plastic clock face so I knew where to paint it black later on. Pictured is a test fit

Ideally I would like to make this count down functional. Does anyone have the skill to help me make the rolling numbers count down for each day?

I envision a programed raspberry pie to trigger a motor every 24 hours to rotate the numerals. Ideally It would count down 365 down to Zero, but I don't think I would ever have this up all year long. However, It could be used more or an Advent Calendar, and count down the 54 days from Halloween till Christmas

Other ideas would be to have the numbers manually roll. Easiest idea, but I would have to get up on a ladder each day to rotate it, so its not ideal.
Second Idea would be to have a remote control rotator. that I could push a remote button each day to rotate the numeral
Third Idea would be to add a digital screen from an old smart phone or tablet to the back where the count down would be animated.

Any ideas would be welcome.

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