The New Muppet Show on ABC Sunday evenings!

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by hankey01, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Ok it's not true..but who wouldn't want this? Bring the old format from 30 years ago and you have a 30 minute show kids and parents can enjoy together. Sure I'm being nostalgic, but are there any shows a family can enjoy together on Sunday there used to be?

    It's been over 30 years and now those of us who were kids in the late 70's, and have kids of our own will watch it! Even if it isn't that's Sunday night! I don't want to go to work any more than the kids want to go to school. 30 minutes of family time before bed can't hurt. When I was a kid we also had a Disney show on at 6pm. It was the ONLY time kid's programming was on in prime time.

    I'd love to see another run of the Muppet Show..I can't be the only one. I know they had the Muppets Tonight in the 90's..but it wasn't the same. Nostalgia goes a long way wouldn't be the worst show on ABC..that's for sure.
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    I know I break out the Muppet Show DVDs from time to time. I think one of the reasons the latest Muppet movie did so well was because it went to good lengths to recapture the magic of the original Muppet Show and movie.

    In short: I'd watch it!
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    Muppets tonight never seemed to work, they tried too hard to force all those new characters upon us and it lacked that little magical crazyness the earlier Muppets seemed to have.
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    Muppets Tonight had some good skits, but the new host didn't do it for me..or the singing guy and his monkey guy.

    AH just wishful thinking...DVD's work I spose. At least the originals have the Henson magic. Now that my kids are getting into Star Wars I'll have to find the Star Wars episode!
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    Actually, I wouldn't put it past Disney to do just that -- on the Disney Channel, though. The movie, I gather, did pretty well and there's definitely been a push to get the Muppets out there again (the Google Plus stuff they've been doing is one example).

    It may not have happened yet, but I could still see it happening if they think there's a market for it and can make the numbers work.
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    1,476 a tool to sell toys I wouldn't put it past Disney for sure..aimed at kids of course. Still I'd love to see the more adult variety show make a comeback...I can see it being on right after AFV..which has had the Muppets on too.

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