The new Live Action Adventure Time promo.

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Laffo, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Laffo

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  2. Laffo

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  3. nick daring

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    Very cool but I'm afraid the props suffer from shoddy workmanship.

    Next time I'd recommend using a CNC 5-Axis mill to properly prototype your pieces.


  4. Laffo

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    I'll get all those Chinese kids right on it.
  5. CaptainWales

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    You were the Ice King? Well that'll be something pretty awesome to put on your resume XD But seriously nice work man, I just saw that promo online the other day and thought it was really great. Had a lot of energy to it and really suited the feel of the show.
  6. MrGzilla

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    thats awesome! and Andre is an awesome guy, i got a tour of his shop and talked to him for like 3 hours as part of my senior project in high school last year.
  7. LittleBit

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    Righteous! Er, "shmowzow" I should say!
  8. Steamboat Spidey

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    Wow! Awesome!
  9. FudgeMando

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    :) That is awesome just watched it yesterday,looks like fun :)

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