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Time Travel movies are always too incomprehensible.

They fundamentally make no sense, because fundamentally there is no time.

Past, future, regret, promise.......can only ever exist in this moment right now....the rabbit hole only exists right now.

Multiverse. Thanks Hollywood, time travel movies make my brain hurt, but now I don't need time, because (as we know) everything can only exist right now, so all of the 'multiverses' exist right now makes perfect sense that all the Spiderman's can exist in the same moment, because they are not limited to any time perspective.

We don't need time travel, because all of the universe's exist right now.

Everything exists right now, it is fundamentally impossible for anything ever to exist outside of this moment. There is no time.

I haven't seen the latest Spiderman movie, but I'm looking 'forward' to brain hurts and I have to lie
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I saw a good movie called Safety Not Guaranteed. It's about time travel, but I can't say anything else without spoiling it. It's more of a comedy I guess. It shouldn't make your head hurt.

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