The Mummy/ The Mummy returns equipment


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Hi there,

since my uncharted leather projects were put on hold, because I desperately wait for new materials, I found some time to approach one of my favorite movie projects: The equipment of The Mummy and The Mummy returns.

In these films there are a lot of leather holsters, bandoliers, watches etc. of Rick O'Connell, which are all on my to-do list.

I was searching a lot for existing material, but apart from some nice part 1 holsters and some stuff which is pretty far from being screen accurate, I didn't find much. Maybe someone has some information where to look.

In the meantime I started with probably the most simple part: The wristcuff from part 1 and 2.

I analysed several movie frames to find the pattern. It's vegetable tanned full grain leather in antique dark brown finish. The hardware is massive brass.

Comments or ideas for improvement are welcome...



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had some muse over christmas and approached one of my all time favorite: The double leather holster from 'the mummy returns' and 'tomb of the dragon emperor' holding two 1911 Colts.

The design and coloring change slightly in the movie - for me it looks like the holster was not ready when they start shooting. I think I am pretty close.

If you are interested in building one, I can not recommend this project for beginners! The combination of wet molding, a stainless steel spring inlay holding the guns in position as well as 3D stitching make this project really sophisticated! For me it was worth the effort...

As usual: 5 mm thick vegetable tanned full grain leather, massive brass hardware, oiled, waxed, all edges sealed and polished etc. etc.

Comments and suggestions are welcome - not 100% sure with the belt attachment...



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My old boss Wade Egan made up a set of O'Connell gear a while back, but I'm not sure if he ever posted pictures anywhere. It might be worth looking into, and he's always open to commissions for stuff like that as well.


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Board member The Mantis has a very nice Mummy collection. I think there's a thread here with pics of his holster rig and/or weapons bag.


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Very nice.

I would love to see your take on a vortex manipulator strap.


this vortex manipulator strap is really interesting. Screening the net I however found many many versions of it - some of them quit ok. So I don't want to get in conflict with someone else.

But I need input from the "mummy experts out there" with my next mummy project. The 'wrist cuff thing' from part two, which in my eyes is a watch.

I attached a picture of the current state - there is still a lot to do.

Does anyone has info what kind of watch the original was? I found some discussions that it may be a compass instead of a watch. Does anyone has trusted information and is willing to share? I watched the movie several times but found no indications...



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Its a while since I updated this thread.

My "The mummy returns" watch prototype is ready.


Unfortunately - until now -there was no feedback concerning the watch. Most likely the movie watch was inspired by some 1930 Laco military watch. They are difficult to get (and expensive!) and not a good choice for every day usage. So I decided to use a well established Seiko 5. It has a nice vintage look and fits to the leather coloring and contrasted seams.

Comments are welcome...


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Great work there. Love the watch strap. I found a company in Australia I believe that makes one similar but no where near as nice. Let me know if you plan on making others.


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making the watch strap is around 10 hours of work. The seiko 5 military is 80 Euro on ebay. If one would change the watch to another model or a compass one would have to modify the leather part. You can send me a PM if you need more information...
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