THE MONKEY'S PAW....(schlitzie/ultraman collab!)

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    hello kiddies

    we have a treat for you today....

    THE MONKEY'S PAW from w.w. jacob's 1902 short story!

    this collaboration between schlitzie and i started back in halloween 2014 with my "dollar store cheepies into halloween creepies" thread.

    in it schlitzie took the hand off some cheapie witch prop and turned it into a monkey's paw!

    monkeypaw1.JPG monkeypaw2.JPG
    monkeypaw3.JPG monkeypaw4.JPG


    then i said: "hay man we should hook up later and make some of these a little nicer"

    so that's exactly what we did!

    i told schlitzie about this putty called "green stuff" that i've used in making pewter table top game figures with.
    so we put it on the palm to get rid of that gnarly hot glue and to add it to make better knuckles! then made texture that we saw in multiple real monkey paws
    pictures to get it more anatomically correct.

    monkeypaw6.JPG monkeypaw7.JPG

    he then shipped it over to me and i built the molds real quick and got to casting in resin!

    monkeypaw8.JPG monkeypaw9.JPG

    then i shipped the raw casts back to him and he started doing test paints and working on the nails.

    monkeypaw10.JPG monkeypaw11.JPG

    then we talked back and forth over emails to figure out good bases.


    then we got to the hair......both of us really didn't like the fake look of using cheap wig one day i shaved my head and used my own hair!!!
    it ended up turning out super awesome and just the look we were going for!
    so i got this idea....i went to a buddy of mine, who's wife works at a beauty salon (you can see where this is going lol) and i asked her to save me hair.

    :lolthe look on a girl's face when you ask if you can use someone's kid's hair for making monkey paws is beyond priceless let me tell you! LOL:lol

    in the end they came out pretty sweet if you ask me.

    monkeypaw13.jpg monkeypaw14.jpg

    let us know what you think!

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  2. Monkey67

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    Very nice, great detail on getting the creepiness just right.
  3. a438980

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    I like it! It does make me think of a Tales From The Crypt episode based on the story. Great prop.
  4. Jintosh

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    Yes. Nice prop. And I also love those Tales from the Crypt episodes.
  5. skintaster

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    Those look great. It's funny, I've been wanting to make one of these myself. The approach you used is a really good one. Very cool.
  6. lynx0099

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    wow such an awesome project. hands look so realistic. you are very very talented Ultra. amazing :love
  7. Mike J.

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    Gross! Awesome! :lol
  8. woozelmom

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    These are awesome and I have to say, you have just the right amount of creepy LOL. The story of getting the hair is just hilarious!!! I'm sure your project will be discussed at company parties for years LOL.
  9. ultraman

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    thanks guys! i thought you'd get a kick out of it.
    oh almost forgot if any of you are interested schlitzie has posted an INT thread in the jy
    (don't want the mods getting mad at us for discussing money here so please go there if interested)

    thank you all for your interest and support!:cool


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