"The Monkees" lead singer Davy Jones dies


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OMG! So sad. Saw him in concert a couple of times in the past few years. He was still a great performer. This is one time I don't want to be a Daydream Believer. RIP, one of Manchester's cutest, you'll be missed.


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Only 66! How awful for him.

Loved The Monkees when I was a kid. Considering they were a band slapped together for a TV show, they had some good pop songs back in the day.

Met Mickey Dolenz a few years ago at a con, and he was a sweatheart.


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Wow! :(

I'm sure Walter Koenig will be getting a few sympathy e-mails :lol

Wes R

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I wonder if this is part of why they canceled the tour they were on abruptly. They said internal tensions but maybe he was sick.


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He used to live near to me and my best mate went out with his daughter for a while. He used to drink in the same pub as I did. He used to ride his horse down to the pub due to losing his driving licence for drink driving. One day his horse returned home without him, after a search he was found in a ditch where he fell off after a session. Very sorry to hear the news, always liked their music. RIP


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I was just reading the other day, that on the Beatles first Ed Sullivan appearance, there was another singer. Davy Jones sang a song from Olivier.
And a few years later he got a job as a fake beatle.


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RIP...My high school english teacher took a road trip with him from Texas to Alaska. She said he was a genuinely nice person.