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Hello everyone! With tidbits of The Matrix 4 popping up everywhere, I decided to add a set of the pills to my collection between paint drying sessions on other projects. After doing some research and searching around, I found a few good options, however, during my research of the scene, Morpheus' pill case seems to have not two pills...but SIX in it. I recorded the scene, went frame by frame, took snapshots, enlarged, and then tried running it through an AI Upscaling program (which didn't improve it much honestly), but gave enough evidence backing up what I perceived. On top of that, we never hear the pills rattle around in the movie yet all the ones I found to buy, had the pills laying around loosely, so even if they just edited the rattling out in post, within the movie it was perceived that the pills were in fact held in place to some extent. Based off this info, I realized I needed to make my own lol.

I ordered a few of these pill cases and once they arrived, took measurements and modeled the pills and then made two inserts for the case. One of them is for two pills, and the other is for 6 which I now believe is what the set prop had. The clearance is just enough that the pills don't touch the lid when pressing it closed, but can't fall out of their recesses either so they stay in place.

Everything was printed in translucent resin as that's what I already had in my vat. I sanded, clear coated, then bushed on red/blue alcohol ink, and then cleared again. I believe I will reprint the pills in properly dyed resin for a more uniform look.

Here are photos of my prototype along with snapshots of the scene and one pointing out the distinct 3 blue pills. Let me know your thoughts :)


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pills look good. interesting,didn't realise the six pill thing.
Thank you! As for the number of pills, neither did I. I was zooming in to see if the insert used was a different color than the off-white/ivory that these usually have, and that's when I noticed that there was more than two objects in it. If you rewatch the scene, even the way he grips it when dumping the pills out, his fingers appear to cover some of them to keep them in. You can really only see it in slow-mo or frame by frame, but it was quite a shocker to me...but also makes absolute sense to have more than just two because what if they were freeing more than one mind that night???
just tried watching that scene frame by frame.i believe what you are saying.very hard to see though.but i'm with you on your theory.:)
didnt they use literal jellybeans in the film?
I have no idea on that, but it would make sense using something edible that wouldn't have any affects on Keanu if they shot the scene 3 times or 25 times. For longevity concerns, I'm sticking to resin ones for my prop hehe
Swapped out a few of the photos in the post after I finished making the set of 6 pills for the version I'm going to have on display.
I also just posted the zoomed in photo on my instagram tagging Fishburne and asking if he can confirm/deny I seriously doubt I'll get an answer but one can dream right lol
gc,look at the post above yours mate:rolleyes:
I did. I even went to his Etsy page. While he clearly has the resin pills and the inserts I was hoping he had the case as well as like an extra on hand. They were not listed as an option so I figured I would ask. Clear ?
his add says the case is with them.you can have the 2 pill set or the 6 pill set
3 versions:
• 2 pill
• 6 pill
• Dual inserts
*dual insert version comes with both 2 and 6 pill insert, is not affixed in the case, but only comes with 6 pills so only one version can be properly displayed at one time
Yep I see it now unless you click more in the description on Etsy that detail is hidden that the case is included. I looked at the price point options for pair, six and insert and case was not in the pay option. So I simply asked the OP if the case is included. Thanks for the rolley eyes. I didn't ask you. I asked the Op however I appreciate the later reply without the rolley eyes. I explained how I missed and you explained fully what the options are. Start there next time before rendering an opinion that another senior member is basically a moron thinking it's cute with an emoji
omg i was just trying to help.i didn't think you are a moron,sorry if i gave that impression. some people have a sense of humour i now know not to bother next time.

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