The Matrix Lighting Gun?


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Hi. I've been looking everywhere for detailed images of this gun or a replica.

Anyone know where to find image of this gun or perhaps buy one?

I am a 3d artist and i want to recreate the gun in 3d.


Dudes, come on! look at this awesome gun. There is got to be people who has made it and posted pictures some place.


Hmm. weird actually. This gun has got to have the coolest design i've ever seen and it seems they made a few of them for the movies so its weird that it is so hard to find pictures of it.

I would gladly pay several hundred dollars for it if i found it in some prop shop.
I was gna ask this on monday. I've only found one image of a homemade one, no idea who made it though, found it on google

Hi guys, I have a lightning gun prop from the set, it was an extra left over, your right though its the coolest gun ever n yes they only made a few, ill try n post a pic here tonight or pm me and ill send a pic so you have an idea how to replicate.
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